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Our Services in Montréal

Regular taxi service for short or long distances

Every year, our 285 cars perform no less than 1,000,000 trips in the Montérégie region.

Paratransit service offered by the Réseau de transport de Longueuil

We partner the Réseau de transport de Longueuil and our adapted cars carry out more than 275,000 trips annually for people with limited mobility.

Eligibility for service

To be accepted for the RTL Paratransit service, you must complete the eligibility form available at http://www.rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/ and forward it to the RTL Eligibility Committee ‘Comité d’admissibilité au transport adapté’, which will evaluate your application. The form is also available upon request at (450)670-2992 (dial the 3).

Réseau de transport de Longueuil
Comité d’admissibilité au transport adapté
1150 Marie-Victorin Blvd.
Longueuil, Quebec J4G 2M4

Only people authorized by the eligibility committee may use the paratransit service. The authorized person must meet the criteria set out by Paratransit Eligibility Policy issued by Quebec’s Ministry of Transportation. Residents of specialized or subsidized institutions who already have a transport service may use the RTL paratransit service for non-medical reasons.

Paratransit services also available for private individuals

Disabled people whose disabilities seriously affect their mobility can also benefit from the paratransit services even if they are not registered for the RTL service. It is recommended to book one day in advance. The fare is the same as for a regular taxi service.

Travel in luxury cars

You want to celebrate a special occasion and have a luxury car with a driver at your disposal? Give us a call! Our operators will be pleased to inform you about our available luxury cars.

School Transport

We have contracts in place with various school boards to provide transport to children residing in areas not serviced by school buses. This allows your children to travel to school safely.

Transport of parcels and bicycles

Every day we respond to the requests of companies and individuals who want to deliver a parcel quickly. Trust us, you will be able to meet your delivery deadlines if, of course, you give us your package within a reasonable time.

We have several cars with bicycle racks. Mention all your requirements to our receptionists and they will be happy to find a vehicle to take you and your bicycle to the bicycle path or to the place that suits you best.

Breakdown services

If you are not a CAA member or cannot afford to pay for a tow truck, please tell our receptionist what service you need. Our drivers have everything you need to help you out quickly.

  • Battery jump
  • Unlocking

Corporate Accounts


By becoming a corporate customer, you can benefit from monthly invoicing, for an administrative fee of 5% calculated from the total number of rides done during the month.

Many companies use our taxi-credit coupons as an effective tool for staff transportation. Administrative teams recognize its ease of access and control, and employees no longer have to worry about filling out expense reports and waiting for reimbursement.

If you wish to open a corporate account, please contact the administration on the 450-670-6940 ext. 2227–2229.

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